Daily Archives: 01/12/2018

QuikR… Peter flies again.

QuikR gets a work out…

Peter came down this morning to fly the QuikR again. The HypeR was sitting there, but Peter said it’s the QuikR for me. Off we went for a flight around local aera. Peter did his usual three touch and goes, and had a good flight around the lake. There were three hundred boats on the lake today as part of the big fishing comp.

QuikR… Peter flies again.2018-12-01T15:36:12+11:00

HypeR takes Steve for a flight

HypeR once again the aircraft of choice.

Steve arrived today not knowing that he was going for a flight around the lake with me today in the Hyper. What a great time we had. Steve really enjoyed his flight, but then again who doesn’t enjoy flying the HypeR.

HypeR takes Steve for a flight2018-12-01T15:17:23+11:00