QuikR training continues

QuikR training continues with Michaela and Tara…

This morning Michaela was up first in the QuikR. Michaela has completed 4 hours of flying in the QuikR and today she started Circuit training. In fact she was doing so well that the CFI pull the power on the QuikR at 2000 feet and Michaela had to complete a dead stick landing. Yes she did this without even a question. Well done. Michaela, Tara, and Ryan has completed two of their exams and all three have recieved 100% for each exam.

Tara was next to fly today. Tara was doing S-Turns, and Go-arounds. The density Altitude was 2988 feet and temp was 38 degrees. yes it was a hot one. The wind was 15kts and cross wind on Runway 01. It was very rough at 2500 feet and by midday flying was suspended for the day. Tara did really well and learnt a lot about density altitude.