Subject: “Purchase”

From: Peter Marsh
Subject: Purchase

Message Body:
Good Morning

Can you please provide a Proforma invoice for the following

2×14 x4 Tyres – P/N 4006141S
1 x 400 x 4 nose wheel approx price $40.00
4 x 1lt Aeroshell sport+ 4

Delivery to
5 Propeller Place
Gatton Qld 4343.

Best Regards
Peter Marsh

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Subject: “Purchase”2020-01-19T11:09:45+10:00

NEW ERSA Now in Stock 13-07-18

New ERSA in stock Now…

The new ERSA arrived for sale today. This ERSA is not effective until the 16th of August 2018. The cover shows Coffs Harbour Fire Control Centre in NSW.

Price is $30.00 each Plue P&H, and we can ship them anywhere.

NEW ERSA Now in Stock 13-07-182018-07-13T10:24:52+10:00

QuikR in Training

QuikR during flight training…

This photograph shows new student Danny flying one of our QuikR’s in a 15kt wind. Danny had only completed 3hour when he decided to buy a QuikR.

QuikR in Training2018-02-23T07:04:14+10:00

Hangar Talk at YFT

Hangar Talk on GAF & GPWT…

The Hangar Talk held at the P&M Aviation Hangar at YFT yesterday was a great success. The BBQ and Show Bags went down really well. A big Thanks to BoM, CASA, Airservices, ATSB, and Aeroshell, for all the time and produces they supplied for the pilots. The GAF (Graphical Area Forecast) and the GPWT (Grid Point Wind and Temperature) part of the day had a lot of question answered for Pilots. once again thank you to all the people who turned up. Without your attendance these day would no longer happen. 

Hangar Talk at YFT2017-10-15T11:05:49+10:00

Quik GT-450 for BFR

Mark completes his BFR in the QuikR…

Mark completed his BFR in one of YFT’s QuikR’s and then he was off for a local flight in his Quik GT-450.

Quik GT-450 for BFR2017-10-03T17:08:49+10:00