NEW ERSA Now in Stock 13-07-18

New ERSA in stock Now…

The new ERSA arrived for sale today. This ERSA is not effective until the 16th of August 2018. The cover shows Coffs Harbour Fire Control Centre in NSW.

Price is $30.00 each Plue P&H, and we can ship them anywhere.

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P&M Aviation HypeR Tiger Trike

P&M HypeR Tiger Trike…

Our HypeR is flying sooo well that Anne has now flown more hours in it than any other Trike. As she keeps telling everyone, “MY HYPER is the Best”. I, on the other hand, actually get to fly this amazing aircraft. Another big thanks to Dr Bill Brooks for this one. The HypeR has one of the best speed ranges of any Trike I have flown. If I need to get back to the aerodrome quickly, the HypeR at 4500rpm was flying along at 100kts. I was back in no time. I just love my… Oops I mean, Anne’s HypeR.

P&M Aviation HypeR Tiger Trike2018-07-13T10:14:48+00:00

Another 4 QuikR’s arrive…

Another 4 QuikR’s arrive at YFT…

The QuikR is the fastest moving Trike in Australia. I don’t only mean in speed, I mean in sales. The second container arrived last week with another four QuikR’s on board. All were already sold. The new owner were very excited as they watched the container ship arriving in Melbourne. Two days later and the container had arrived at P&M Aviation Australia and Yarrawonga. The new aircraft were out of the container and into the hangar in 30mins. Next it was time to get them rigged and fitted with there radios and transponders. The first of the new owners to fly there new aircraft out was Stewart AKA “Crayon Box” from Queensland. His new QuikR has been given the name of “Sparkles”. At the time of writing Stewart was almost back at Harvey Bay. The next to be completed was Danny. He had ordered a blacl and yellow QuikR, this was followed by John’s red QuikR and the white one.

Another 4 QuikR’s arrive…2018-07-13T09:45:33+00:00

HypeR the first production aircraft

The first production HypeR Trike…..

The first production model HypeR Trike arrives and what an aircraft it is. Anne loves it, and she is back into flying like crazy. This aircraft is one of the best I have ever flown. I have to thank Dr Bill Brooks for designing and building one fantastic aircraft. After three years of design work the HypeR Trike is here a sets a new bench mark for Trikes.

HypeR the first production aircraft2018-06-01T17:57:12+00:00

P&M Aircraft on the way…

Four new P&M Aviation QuikR’s on there way…

The next order of four QuikR’s are on there way to YFT. Three were sold before they were even built. The popularity of the P&M Aviation aircraft is second to none. As our ad says… Trustworthy aircraft providing World-beating performance.


P&M Aircraft on the way…2018-06-01T14:46:12+00:00

Icom A25NE Radio in stock now

Icom A25NE Radio in stock NOW…

The new Icom A25NE hand held radio is here. Ready to ship to you for $790.00 AU.

Icom A25NE Radio in stock now2018-03-11T15:00:47+00:00

HypeR & QuikR’s are on the ship

HypeR and QuikR’s are on there way…

The first of two containers filled with aircraft are on there way. The first container has the HypeR, QuikR, and GT450 on board. We are following the ship and right now th K Phoneix is steaming part Gibralter on it’s way to Melbourne. The ship should arrive in Melbourne on the 29th of March. The photo shows the aircraft at the factory in Manton being loaded into the container.

HypeR & QuikR’s are on the ship2018-03-01T15:56:07+00:00

QuikR in Training

QuikR during flight training…

This photograph shows new student Danny flying one of our QuikR’s in a 15kt wind. Danny had only completed 3hour when he decided to buy a QuikR.

QuikR in Training2018-02-23T07:04:14+00:00