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GT-Lite gets a workout.

GT-Lite gets a workout….

Another top morning for flying and the GT-Lite goes out for a flight. I had forgotten how good the GT-Lite is to fly. Flying around the Yarrawonga area at 65 to 70 knots in a 2 stroke is just great. This GT-Lite is for sale for only $35,000. If you fly less than 100 hours a year then a 2 stroke is a very good option. The GT-Lite looks just like the QuikR with the same instrument panel. It even has the same de-icing system as the Rotax 912 engines.

Just a top aircraft to fly.

GT-Lite gets a workout.2019-01-22T11:19:40+11:00

Wasp problems

Wasp Problems…

During a pre-flight yesterday I noticed a wasp going into the static line. Bugger I thought… I watched as this little bugger took more than 20 small green catapillers into the staitic line on the QuikR. I ended up getting the compressor and discoecting the static line and blowing the debury out of the line. It was now time to put a stop to any more getting in. I cut a small amout of 18 gauge wire and put a remove before flight banner on it. That worked…

Wasp problems2019-01-07T13:53:14+11:00

QuikR up for more training

QuikR up for more training…

Last night we had a very bad storm. We recieved 11.3mls in less that half an hour. This came from the east which flooded the hangar. This didn’t stop us from training. Today Michaela and Tara both flew to YCOR and completed circuit training before flying back to Yarrawonga and completing more circuits. Another top day of flight training was had. The afternoon saw more theory training, and another quick quiz on what we have already been learning.

QuikR up for more training2018-12-10T18:30:32+11:00

QuikR training continues

QuikR training continues with Michaela and Tara…

This morning Michaela was up first in the QuikR. Michaela has completed 4 hours of flying in the QuikR and today she started Circuit training. In fact she was doing so well that the CFI pull the power on the QuikR at 2000 feet and Michaela had to complete a dead stick landing. Yes she did this without even a question. Well done. Michaela, Tara, and Ryan has completed two of their exams and all three have recieved 100% for each exam.

Tara was next to fly today. Tara was doing S-Turns, and Go-arounds. The density Altitude was 2988 feet and temp was 38 degrees. yes it was a hot one. The wind was 15kts and cross wind on Runway 01. It was very rough at 2500 feet and by midday flying was suspended for the day. Tara did really well and learnt a lot about density altitude.

QuikR training continues2018-12-08T11:45:23+11:00

QuikR Training

QuikR training is full ahead…

Ryan was first to fly the QuikR today and his first hour of training went really well. Ryan completed Straight and level flight, Climbing and Descending, and Turns. Ryan also did the take-off and landing under instruction from his CFI. Next to fly today was Tara. Tara completed Straight and level flight, and turns. After Tara it was Michaela’s turn. Michaela completed Straight and Level, Climbing and descending, and S-Turns. After each flying an hour in the QuikR they had a short break followed by five hours of theory. Another full on day of training at YFT.

QuikR Training2018-12-05T17:20:21+11:00

QuikR Training starts again..

QuikR Training starts with Michaela…

Today saw Michaela, Tara, and Ryan start their training in the QuikR. Yesterday was not suitable for flight training, due to the winds gusting to 30kts. So yesterday was 5 hours of theory. What fun that was, learning all about the aerodrome, and reading the weather charts and NOTAM’s. Next is all about the aircraft and how to do a pre-flight. Operating the radio and the instruments.

This morning Michaela was first in the air in the QuikR. After the first flight the wind picked up again, and flying was sependered for the moring. Back to the theory. Learning about the ERSA and the DAP’s. Next we will look at the aerodrome, before flying starts again.

QuikR Training starts again..2018-12-04T12:09:53+11:00

QuikR… Peter flies again.

QuikR gets a work out…

Peter came down this morning to fly the QuikR again. The HypeR was sitting there, but Peter said it’s the QuikR for me. Off we went for a flight around local aera. Peter did his usual three touch and goes, and had a good flight around the lake. There were three hundred boats on the lake today as part of the big fishing comp.

QuikR… Peter flies again.2018-12-01T15:36:12+11:00

HypeR takes Steve for a flight

HypeR once again the aircraft of choice.

Steve arrived today not knowing that he was going for a flight around the lake with me today in the Hyper. What a great time we had. Steve really enjoyed his flight, but then again who doesn’t enjoy flying the HypeR.

HypeR takes Steve for a flight2018-12-01T15:17:23+11:00

HypeR Flies around the area.

Anne takes a flight in the HypeR.

Today was not looking that good but Anne decided that we should go for a flight. Wile Anne got into her flying gear I moved the QuikR to get the HypeR out of the hangar. Before I could even get my helmet on Anne was already in the HypeR and ready to go. It didn’t take long to get everything ready and off we went, taxiing to runway 19. Take-off was great and we climbed out at 900 feet per minute. Where should we go? Well we were heading for Wangaratta so we climbed to 3500 feet. That didn’t take long. The HypeR was sitting on 4000rpm, and we were crusing along at a nice speed of 90kts. We were almost at Wangaratta. Anne said “Lets go to Corowa”. So the HypeR made a slight turn and we were heading to Corowa. We flew over the Corowa aerodrome and then around the town. We then turned for home. Once again it didn’t take long and we were over the aerodrome. We had only been in the air for 45mins. Let’s go somewhere else. We then flew around some of the aerodromes we use with the students for Threat Error Management

HypeR Flies around the area.2018-11-27T12:10:48+11:00

Why are we not Flying today???

Why are we not flying today????

This is why… The wind and rain just won’t give up and the hangar is almost flooding… Bugger!!!

The low pressure system is just South of Yarrawonga with a Qnh of 995, and the freezing level is 4000 feet. The wind at 2000 feet is 40kts.

Why are we not Flying today???2018-11-22T12:17:18+11:00
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