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Another great day of flying in the QuikR…

The weather has been so good for flying at YFT. The QuikR and the PulsR have been doing heaps of flying around the area

Another great Day of flying in the QuikR

Another great day of flying in the QuikR…2017-08-19T16:28:31+10:00

Flying the PulsR

Sunday was the monthly Tocumwal breakfast. Yes it was time to get all the P&M aircraft ready for flight. We had one GT450, one QuikR, one PulsR, one Tenarg, and a BD4. Awesome morning flight and another great breakfast at Tocumwal.

Flying the PulsR

Flying the PulsR2017-08-19T16:28:45+10:00

Jordans first trike flight

Gery Berdeaux with BeachFlight Aviation in Gulf Shores, Alabama takes Jordan Mondy from Salt Air Aviation Center up for his first trike flight. Special thanks to our friends at Salt Air Aviation Center and Jack Edwards National Airport.

Jordans first trike flight2017-08-19T16:48:27+10:00
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