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Richard goes SOLO

Richard goes SOLO…

Richard did his first solo flight in his Tanarg yesterday. Well done Richard. Its not easy when you work on a Ship. The time off needs to be managed between being at home and looking after home life…. But then there is flying! So Richard drives down from the Central Coast of NSW and spends a week doing his flight training and then heads home and back out to sea. This week was different. Richard was flying around doing circuits at Yarrawonga working at his conversion to his Tanarg, when CFI Peter said “Can we stop now?” Richard did a full stop landing, and CFI Peter just got out! Before he disconnected the comms he said to Richard, “Off you go and have fun”! Richard had a bit of a stunned look on his face, then off he went and 5 circuits later CFI Peter asked Richard to land as everyone wanted to go to dinner….! Life is not ALWAYS meant to be difficult… is it!

Richard goes SOLO2017-10-25T07:15:34+11:00

AirCam arrives at YFT

AirCam arrives at YFT….

Bill flew his beautiful AirCam in yesterday to show us all. What a fantastic aircraft. Bill said it great you do everything at 60kts. You take-off at 60, you cruse at 60, and you land at 60. How good is that. I love the fact that you can just land  it on water as well.

AirCam arrives at YFT2017-10-25T06:54:30+11:00

P&M GT-Lite out on training Sortie.

GT-Lite on Training Sortie….

Steve is out flying in the GT-Lite again today. Steve conducted two training sorties today the first was Circuits on RWY 19 and the second was flying out to a new dirt runway about five nautical miles from YYWG for approach training and emergency training. Steve past with flying colours.

P&M GT-Lite out on training Sortie.2017-10-21T13:35:31+11:00

Hangar Talk at YFT

Hangar Talk on GAF & GPWT…

The Hangar Talk held at the P&M Aviation Hangar at YFT yesterday was a great success. The BBQ and Show Bags went down really well. A big Thanks to BoM, CASA, Airservices, ATSB, and Aeroshell, for all the time and produces they supplied for the pilots. The GAF (Graphical Area Forecast) and the GPWT (Grid Point Wind and Temperature) part of the day had a lot of question answered for Pilots. once again thank you to all the people who turned up. Without your attendance these day would no longer happen. 

Hangar Talk at YFT2017-10-15T11:05:49+11:00

P&M Aviation HypeR

HypeR flies with Flight For Freedom….

A big thank you to P&M Aviation for the loan of their new HyperR flexwing aircraft to support our Air Experience day at Sywell on Saturday.
The day was a great success and our pilots loved the HyperR which to quote:
“was a joy to fly – I want one!”

YFT has the first production HypeR on its way.

P&M Aviation HypeR2017-10-12T12:27:38+11:00

QuikR refuelling

QuikR in South Africa…

How they refuel in South Africa. Looks very sensible to me…

QuikR refuelling2017-10-06T18:38:17+11:00

Quik GT-450 for BFR

Mark completes his BFR in the QuikR…

Mark completed his BFR in one of YFT’s QuikR’s and then he was off for a local flight in his Quik GT-450.

Quik GT-450 for BFR2017-10-03T17:08:49+11:00

Quik GT-Lite ready for training

The Quik GT-Lite ready for flight…

Another fantastic day in paradise. It’s another great day for training. Today it was Steve’s turn to fly the GT-Lite. Today’s sorty was flying circuits and departures and arrivals, with an emergency landing thrown in for good measure. The wind was only five to ten knots but it was x-wind on runway 01. Yes Steve did get to do a lot of x-wind landings over the two hours of training. Well done Steve.

Quik GT-Lite ready for training2017-10-03T17:02:27+11:00

PulsR goes to Tocumwal for Breakfast

PulsR flies to the Tocumwal breakfast…

 At Tocumwal, each first Sunday of the month the Aero Club,  has a breakfast. The Club members do a great job cooking breakfast. So YFT makes a point of flying over the YTOC for the breakfast almost every month. Today was no exception. Pilots arrived at 0730 hours at Hangar 19 for the flight to Tocumwal.  Anne thought she would be very clever, using a winter neck warmer under her helmet as well as around her neck to beat the expected cold. This, together with her usual skull cap totally prevented her from hearing anything more than a muffled radio communication under her helmet. Peter was impressed with the outcome…a nice quiet trip from the back seat. But Anne had learnt her lesson, and this technique was altered on the flight home! Aircraft ready, and off we went, …three Trikes and one Chipmunk. The air was crisp and the flight was great. The Canola was flowering and almost all the paddocks to the horizon, were yellow or green, a veritable patchwork quilt (and Anne would know!). There was a bit of smog around this morning and visiblity wasn’t the best, although we could still see over 25nm. With no wind on the ground we all decided to make a straight-in approach on runway 27. One after the other we landed and taxied to the terminal building and parked the aircraft. Day light saving had started at 2am this morning, and we did notice that some pilots forgot to change their clocks. Ha Ha… we got the best parking areas and a nice hot coffee on arrival. Chatting with some of the pilots who are not regularly at Yarrawonga is always good fun. After a delicious breakfast, when everyone started to fly back to “the rest of their day”, we also returned to our home aerodrome. Climbing out, the thermals were starting up, but this was no problem for the PulsR. We just climbed above them, and flew back to Yarrawonga in smooth air! Another great flying adventure with friends…. Thanks everyone.

PulsR goes to Tocumwal for Breakfast2017-10-01T11:34:28+11:00
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