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P&M Aviation Australia has three new orders

Three new QuikR aircraft were ordered yesterday…

Stewart and John have ordered their new aircraft. Stewart has gone for a Red QuikR and John has decided on Black. Both aircraft are stunning and they will look great flying around the skies at Harvey Bay in Queensland and Mudgee in NSW. The aircarft will look like the ones in the photos.

P&M Aviation Australia has three new orders2017-11-26T06:28:09+11:00

GT-Lite goes on Solo sortie.

Steven goes Solo…

Yesterday afternoon Steven flew the GT-Lite on his eleventh sortie and after an hour of circuits on two runways CFI Peter said “LET ME OUT YOUR GOING SOLO”. Steven had a look and thourght about it for a moment and then said OK! Three circuits later Steven returned to the hangar. Steven is a SOLO Pilot now. Well done Steven…

GT-Lite goes on Solo sortie.2017-11-14T08:20:34+11:00

P&M Aviation UK

The people behind the scene…

Here are the crew that build the P&M Aviation aircraft. These people build the fastest and most outstanding Trikes on the market today, and their safety record speaks volumes.

P&M Aviation UK2017-11-09T06:57:43+11:00

P&M Aviation HypeR panel

The HypeR instrument panel is ready…

Our flagship aircraft is almost ready to be shipped to Australia. The instrument panel is now complete and looks outstanding. This aircraft will have the new Trig radio and Transponder fitted whan it arrives in Australia. The new panel has also been designed for the new GARMIN AERA 660 GPS and GDL39-3D to be installed on it. The second picture shows the rear of the instrument panel. You can see the result of having aviation professionals building an aircraft compared to others who use automotive products where they can, to reduce their building costs. This makes this aircraft one of the most modern and safest Trikes in the world, ever! The HypeR has been named by most people that have seen it, and we will call this aircraft the “HypeR Tiger”. This aircraft is the first off the production line and the designer Dr Bill Brooks has been making a number of small improvements along the way, which is why our HypeR has taken longer than expected to get here. The latest improvement is to the foot pedals, to make it more comfortable. Test flights are only days away. So keep watching for more photos….

P&M Aviation HypeR panel2017-11-04T07:53:42+11:00
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