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GT-Lite get’s flight training underway

Quik Gt-Lite get flight training underway for the day…

Our Quik Gt-Lite is in demand these days for flight training. With the number of student’s buying older two-stroke aircraft, the Gt-Lite is the best option for training. We can fly it as slow as 45kts or we can sit comfortable on 70kts. The Gt-Lite is an all round trainer. It handle far more weather conditions than any other two-stroke on the market. It has been designed by aeronautical engineers, to do the job that an aircraft is support to do.

We were in the circuit yesterday and the Gt-Lite was completing  twice the circuits than the X-582 was doing. The Gt-lite is great for getting to the privately owned airfields that we do our emergency landing on. it only take a short time to cover the distance in the Gt-Lite compared to other two-strokes. 

I love flying the Gt-Lite and training in it. With a 65 litre fuel tank you have the range to go places. The Gt-Lite is very cost-effective at only $40,000 new. No more to pay as it comes with covers, radio, and registration.

GT-Lite get’s flight training underway2018-01-27T10:25:34+11:00

QuikR’s in production for Australia

Three new QuikR’s are well on there way…

The three new QuikR’s are  well on there way now. The fuselarges are no there way to completetion and the wheel spats are looking like Shark fins.

QuikR’s in production for Australia2018-01-27T09:58:57+11:00

P&M Aviation Quasar.

This 25 year old Quasar looks great…

A 25 year old #Quasar but still looking very advanced and pristine. A Dr Bill Brooks masterpiece. Won serious engineering design awards. this one is in for a sail replacement and updates.

P&M Aviation Quasar.2018-01-27T09:43:31+11:00

HypeR get’s it’s strips

HypeR Tiger get’s it’s strips…

Our new HypeR get’s it’s strips and the engine will be fitted in two days. The only thing left is for test flying and shipping. We should see the HypeR should be here in mid March.

HypeR get’s it’s strips2018-01-19T09:34:32+11:00

What’s happening in the P&M Aviation factory…

What’s happening in the P&M Aviation Factory…

Here you can see our graduate CAD engineer Hunny Mahal working on Solidworks, (unbelievably he tells me his brother, also an engineer, works for BMW,  is called Sunny)  note the distance from design to production is 3 paces, so if we get a problem we can look at it and sort it – we don’t have production thousands of miles away! The doorway view is from our design office.

Also Paul Norman trimming up the red metalflake mouldings he has produced for QuikR 8772 Stuart Riddell, the chassis is mostly complete.

So far we believe we have produced something like 12,000 mouldings from our composites facility. Note also we do our own mouldings to get the design and quality required, we don’t use a garage door moulding shop.

The first 4 PulsR’s were also produced here, once the construction was proven and all drawn up, we now use a subcontractor 10 miles away who specialises in vacuum infusion technology, as polyester fairings production and structural carbon/epoxy processes are rather different.

What’s happening in the P&M Aviation factory…2018-01-19T09:16:15+11:00

New QuikR wing gets test flown…

New wing is test flown…

The new Black QuikR wing was test flown yesterday in the UK. Robin flew the wing and gave it an MG (Military Grade) approval. I have to be happy with that!!!

This wing is part of airframe number 8767 the Black QuikR that is for sale on the website. The numbers on the wing are the trade plates for the factory in the UK.

New QuikR wing gets test flown…2018-01-11T14:39:27+11:00

QuikR in full Training Mode

QuikR in full Training mode…

Another five students have started at YFT. They all love the QuikR, their favorite training aircraft. Edward started flight training on Monday and he has completed 5.9hrs in the QuikR. Next week he will be flying the GT-Lite. Robert starts training on Monday in the QuikR. Steven has just gone from the GT-Lite to his Airborne X-582 Streak 2B. He fines it not as good as the GT-Lite, but he will get use to it. Jarrod has just past his licence test and is now flying around the friendly skies in his QuikR. He is looking forward to completing his cross-country flights. Song completed his licence in three weeks, and has now headed back to China, having realized his dream of becoming a pilot. More students will be starting in the next few weeks and then, the new aircraft arrive. It will be interesting to see who wants to fly the new ones.

QuikR in full Training Mode2018-01-06T09:49:00+11:00

HypeR get nose art

Our new HypeR gets it Tiger nose art…

New HypeR gets it’s nose art put on yesterday and the engines arrive on Monday. It won’t be long before the HypeR Tiger is on it’s way to YFT. Mike at the P&M Aviation factory in the UK has been working on the nose art and strips for our new HypeR. Mike is a real wizard with the graphics and we can’t wait for the finished look.

HypeR get nose art2018-01-06T08:51:01+11:00

PulsR Flight for 2018

PulsR has the last flight for 2017 and the first flight for 2018…

Anne and I decided that our PulsR would have the last flight of 2017 and then the PulsR would also have the first flight for 2018. The final customers left and Anne closed the gates for the last time for 2017. I pushed the PulsR out of the hangar and did the pre-flight. Anne climbed in and I followed her. We spoke over the intercom for a moment and I did the pre-start checks. Ready for the engine to start and we realized that Anne had only flown four times this year. The engine started and with the after start checks completed, we taxied to runway 19. Entering and back tracking the runway we sat for a moment and contemplated the flight before us. It was time to go, the throttle moved forward and the PulsR started its take-off roll. It wasn’t long before we were up and into the warm evening air. What a great feeling to be flying together in one of the best aircraft in the world. Thank you Bill for designing this awesome aircraft. We flew around the local area for 1.2 hours, as the sun sank lower in the sky, before making a fantastic landing to end our last flight for 2017.

It’s 2018 now, and, as the time is 0500 hours, we decided get ut of bed to do the first flight for 2018. Yes it would be in the PulsR again. I opened the hangar door to a beautiful crisp clear morning. Today’s flight would take us around the local area again. Once again with all the checks complete we entered the sky and climbed to 2500 feet and headed for Wangaratta, and then to Benalla, before flying home to Yarrawonga and around the Lake. We saw the sunrise over Mt Bogong, the second highest mountain in Australia. What a sight.  Decades ago, Anne had read somewhere, “The sun cut itself on the lip of a hill and bled into the valley”, which seemed appropriate to this morning. Unfortunately the photo didn’t do it justice. The flight was around 1.3 hours and it was total fun for both of us. This is our life now, being able to just fly when we want, and go where we want. We have the best and safest aircraft in the world to fly. We welcome this new year, and wish all our friends and aquaintances a safe, healthy and happy year ahead.


PulsR Flight for 20182018-01-01T11:28:50+11:00
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