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HypeR & QuikR’s are on the ship

HypeR and QuikR’s are on there way…

The first of two containers filled with aircraft are on there way. The first container has the HypeR, QuikR, and GT450 on board. We are following the ship and right now th K Phoneix is steaming part Gibralter on it’s way to Melbourne. The ship should arrive in Melbourne on the 29th of March. The photo shows the aircraft at the factory in Manton being loaded into the container.

HypeR & QuikR’s are on the ship2018-03-01T15:56:07+11:00

QuikR in Training

QuikR during flight training…

This photograph shows new student Danny flying one of our QuikR’s in a 15kt wind. Danny had only completed 3hour when he decided to buy a QuikR.

QuikR in Training2018-02-23T07:04:14+11:00

HypeR flies for the first time.

HypeR has it’s first test flight…

Hot off the press!
Needed a bit of reflex on the RH wing to get the necessary left bias for the roll trimmer to work against, but now flying nicely, been up to 110kts and down to 30kt.
Need to fit up the engine cover and one or two small details to sort next week.
Flying in our freezing conditions would need total oil cooler covering ( we have found this installation cools very well because the airflow is cleaner going into the radiator).
Rate of climb was good in the dense air…

HypeR flies for the first time.2018-02-03T20:16:53+11:00
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