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HypeR the first production aircraft

The first production HypeR Trike…..

The first production model HypeR Trike arrives and what an aircraft it is. Anne loves it, and she is back into flying like crazy. This aircraft is one of the best I have ever flown. I have to thank Dr Bill Brooks for designing and building one fantastic aircraft. After three years of design work the HypeR Trike is here a sets a new bench mark for Trikes.

HypeR the first production aircraft2018-06-01T17:57:12+10:00

P&M Aircraft on the way…

Four new P&M Aviation QuikR’s on there way…

The next order of four QuikR’s are on there way to YFT. Three were sold before they were even built. The popularity of the P&M Aviation aircraft is second to none. As our ad says… Trustworthy aircraft providing World-beating performance.


P&M Aircraft on the way…2018-06-01T14:46:12+10:00
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