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HypeR up and ready to go

HypeR up and ready to go…

Ok, So it is to hot to fly today…. But we are ready to go with our bags, hats, cups, and the FFF DVD to watch. Yes Thank to Andrew and everyone at P&M Aviation UK for keeping stocked up and ready to go. By the way in the hangar right now it’s 44.5 degrees. Bugger….

HypeR up and ready to go2019-01-22T13:39:38+11:00

GT-Lite gets a workout.

GT-Lite gets a workout….

Another top morning for flying and the GT-Lite goes out for a flight. I had forgotten how good the GT-Lite is to fly. Flying around the Yarrawonga area at 65 to 70 knots in a 2 stroke is just great. This GT-Lite is for sale for only $35,000. If you fly less than 100 hours a year then a 2 stroke is a very good option. The GT-Lite looks just like the QuikR with the same instrument panel. It even has the same de-icing system as the Rotax 912 engines.

Just a top aircraft to fly.

GT-Lite gets a workout.2019-01-22T11:19:40+11:00

Wasp problems

Wasp Problems…

During a pre-flight yesterday I noticed a wasp going into the static line. Bugger I thought… I watched as this little bugger took more than 20 small green catapillers into the staitic line on the QuikR. I ended up getting the compressor and discoecting the static line and blowing the debury out of the line. It was now time to put a stop to any more getting in. I cut a small amout of 18 gauge wire and put a remove before flight banner on it. That worked…

Wasp problems2019-01-07T13:53:14+11:00
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