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P&M Aviation Australia Pilot Shop still open

Yes our Pilot and Aircraft supply store is still fully stocked and open. You can always ring us on 0415 406 413 or Email Some stock lines will become harder to get due to the COVID-19 problem. Manufactures world wide have closed down and this is making it hard to get some supplies. Just remember that even when COVID-19 is over the supply of part will not be, and it looks like some manufactures may not re-open.

P&M Aviation Australia Pilot Shop still open2020-04-12T12:22:57+10:00

Aeros 2 with Sting Ray wing

The New Aeros with the Sting Ray wing arrives. Great aircraft and has an awsome speed rang. This new Sting Ray wing can fly as slow as 35kts and as fast as 75kts. There are so many features in the Aerso that I like. Everything seem to be in just the right spot for the pilot.

Aeros 2 with Sting Ray wing2020-04-12T12:13:35+10:00
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