Aircraft Tyres

Nose Wheel Tyres SAVA 14 x 4

Nose Wheel Tyres SAVA 14×4

P/N: 4006141S
Price:                            A$95.00 each

Main Wheel Tyres BKT 15 x 600

Main Wheel Tyres BKT 15×600

P/N: 156006B4RIB
Price:                            A$75.00 each

Nose Wheel Tube SAVA 14 x 4

Nose Wheel Tube SAVA 14×4

P/N: TU4103506TR87
Price:                            A$35.00 each

Main Wheel Tube for Trike

Main Wheel Tube

P/N: TU156006TR87
Price:                            A$30.00 each

Aero Classics RV tyres 11x4.00-5 8PR
Aero Classics RV tyres 11×4.00-5 8PR

P/N: 11/400X5
Price:                     A$155.40 each


P/N: 15-600-6-6
Price:                        A$ Out of stock

Goodyear rib
Goodyear rib 15×6.0-5/380 120 mph, 6 ply tyre

P/N: 385M61-1
Price: A$316.50 each

Aero Classic 6.00-2
Aero Trainer 500

P/N: 500-5-6TT
Price:                         A$ Out of Stock

Michelin Condor 072-314-0
Michelin Condor 6.00×6-6 T120 MPH

P/N: 072-314-0
Price: A$279.00 each

Michelin Condor 072-314-0
Michelin Condor 15×6.0-6

P/N: 072-449-0
Price:                     A$283.70 each

637 Tube Cap


P/N:     637
Price:                         A$ 4.00  each

Michelin Condor tube 15×6.0-6

P/N: 097-500-0
Price: A$ POA each

Michelin Condor tube 17.5 x 6.25

P/N: 092-500-0
Price:                       A$127.00 each

Goodyear tube G15/6.00-6

P/N: 302-246-401
Price:                         A$135.00 each

Michelin Condor 5.00-5

P/N: 072-312-0
Price: A$220.50 each

Michelin Condor tube 5.00-5

P/N: 092-308-0
Price: A$ POA each

Goodyear tube 5.00-5 TR67

P/N: 302-013-400
Price:                          A$183.65 each

Aero Classic tail wheel 2.80×2.50-4

P/N: 2.80/2.50-4-4M
Price:                               A$99.00 each

Tube for tail wheel 2.80×250

P/N: 28044TBP
Price:                      A$35.00 each

AERO CLASSIC Tecnam nose wheel

14×4-8ply or 4.00×6-8

P/N: 400-6-8
Price: A$163.00 each