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Dear P&M Aircraft Owner,

Your safety; and your Light Sport Aircraft’s continued operational safety, is very important to us. Your compliance with all manufacturer’s issued mandatory Safety Directives and Service Bulletins ensures that your Light Sport Aircraft provides you with many years of safe and enjoyable flying.

For this reason we do a great effort to help the aircraft manufacturer in supporting P&M aircraft owners in the Australia when mandatory Safety Directives are issued; but often times aircraft’s may have been sold or changed address or owner contact information, and we can’t always fully verify that the actual current owner gets the information sent.

It’s very important, and part of the aircraft owner’s responsibility, to check often our site (, the manufacturers direct link ( and the engine manufacturer ( for new released Safety Directives and Service Bulletins pertaining your specific Light Sport Aircraft and Engine make and model.

If you sell your aircraft please make sure to inform the new owner as to these links, and also so they can contact us for updating their contact information.

If you have any questions or wish for us to update your records, please do not hesitate to call or email us at or leave your feed back or questions at our contact page.

Thank you,

P&M Aviation Australia

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