Quik Gt-Lite get flight training underway for the day…

Our Quik Gt-Lite is in demand these days for flight training. With the number of student’s buying older two-stroke aircraft, the Gt-Lite is the best option for training. We can fly it as slow as 45kts or we can sit comfortable on 70kts. The Gt-Lite is an all round trainer. It handle far more weather conditions than any other two-stroke on the market. It has been designed by aeronautical engineers, to do the job that an aircraft is support to do.

We were in the circuit yesterday and the Gt-Lite was completing  twice the circuits than the X-582 was doing. The Gt-lite is great for getting to the privately owned airfields that we do our emergency landing on. it only take a short time to cover the distance in the Gt-Lite compared to other two-strokes. 

I love flying the Gt-Lite and training in it. With a 65 litre fuel tank you have the range to go places. The Gt-Lite is very cost-effective at only $40,000 new. No more to pay as it comes with covers, radio, and registration.