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Written in the Sky by Mark Carr

Written In The Sky…

This is a great book written by Mark Carr an ex-RAN pilot. This book covers Mark’s experance in the Royal Australian Navy and his time and life flying in the International Airlines. A great read.

Price $39.00 get one of the limited signed copies.

Order now via phone 0415 406 413 or email pm@pmaviation.com.au

Written in the Sky by Mark Carr2020-08-17T11:19:49+10:00

SkyEcho2 ADS-B

Sky EchoSkyEcho2 ADS-B

Now available for $900.00

Please ensure CASA has approved the ADS-B out function of the SkyEcho2 prior to enabling ADS-B out. Approval for this function will be published on the CASA website as a Declaration of Capability and Conformance form. This is expected by 1 August 2020. We will publish updates here.

SkyEcho 2 is a portable ADS-B receive and transmit solution. With 20W transmit power, your 1090MHz ADS-B signal can be received up to 40NM away. Transmit functionality can be enabled or disabled depending on your flight location. The ADS-B receiver capability includes both 1090MHz and 978MHz UAT.

SkyEcho2 ADS-B2020-06-13T09:18:38+10:00

P&M Aviation Australia Pilot Shop still open

Yes our Pilot and Aircraft supply store is still fully stocked and open. You can always ring us on 0415 406 413 or Email pm@pmaviation.com.au. Some stock lines will become harder to get due to the COVID-19 problem. Manufactures world wide have closed down and this is making it hard to get some supplies. Just remember that even when COVID-19 is over the supply of part will not be, and it looks like some manufactures may not re-open.

P&M Aviation Australia Pilot Shop still open2020-04-12T12:22:57+10:00

Aeros 2 with Sting Ray wing

The New Aeros with the Sting Ray wing arrives. Great aircraft and has an awsome speed rang. This new Sting Ray wing can fly as slow as 35kts and as fast as 75kts. There are so many features in the Aerso that I like. Everything seem to be in just the right spot for the pilot.

Aeros 2 with Sting Ray wing2020-04-12T12:13:35+10:00

Megafauna Fly-away 2019

Megafauna Fly-away 2019 was a great success...

From day one the weather was perfect. The flying was fantastic, and our crew had a great time. We started by flying over the flat lands and then we strated to climb. by the time we had reached Bathurst we were all flying along at 6000 feet with the ground not far below. Rylstone was a pilot dream. The food was great on the trip and this ment that we had to watch our MTOW. The flights over the mountains was fantastic and views were spactatular. I am now working on next years Megafauna Fly-away.

Megafauna Fly-away 20192019-05-22T13:54:20+10:00

HypeR up and ready to go

HypeR up and ready to go…

Ok, So it is to hot to fly today…. But we are ready to go with our bags, hats, cups, and the FFF DVD to watch. Yes Thank to Andrew and everyone at P&M Aviation UK for keeping stocked up and ready to go. By the way in the hangar right now it’s 44.5 degrees. Bugger….

HypeR up and ready to go2019-01-22T13:39:38+11:00
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