Anne takes a flight in the HypeR.

Today was not looking that good but Anne decided that we should go for a flight. Wile Anne got into her flying gear I moved the QuikR to get the HypeR out of the hangar. Before I could even get my helmet on Anne was already in the HypeR and ready to go. It didn’t take long to get everything ready and off we went, taxiing to runway 19. Take-off was great and we climbed out at 900 feet per minute. Where should we go? Well we were heading for Wangaratta so we climbed to 3500 feet. That didn’t take long. The HypeR was sitting on 4000rpm, and we were crusing along at a nice speed of 90kts. We were almost at Wangaratta. Anne said “Lets go to Corowa”. So the HypeR made a slight turn and we were heading to Corowa. We flew over the Corowa aerodrome and then around the town. We then turned for home. Once again it didn’t take long and we were over the aerodrome. We had only been in the air for 45mins. Let’s go somewhere else. We then flew around some of the aerodromes we use with the students for Threat Error Management