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Ultimate freedom!

The HypeR is the exciting all new flexwing from P&M Aviation built to give you more room, more comfort and more fun. Designed as the result of extensive market research, the HypeR gives the pilot, passenger or instructor the ultimate freedom to enjoy the skies due to its low drag design, Cantilever sprung undercarriage, and fully adjustable front and rear seating positions making it the perfect flying experience for all shapes and sizes. The quickly removable wrap round windscreen significantly reduces wind buffet for both the pilot and passenger and the all composite body panels ensure loose items are securely contained. An optional BRS parachute fitment is available, allowing a maximum take-off weight of 472.5kg and the 65 litre fuel tank ensures long distance flying without the worry of fuel stops. The large front panel enables you to fit any choice of instruments and the fully adjustable seating and foot rests make the HypeR the perfect choice for all sized pilots and passengers. The huge under seat storage area also makes the HypeR ideal for the long distance adventurer.

The Rotax 912ULS engine is housed underneath a quickly removable cowling allowing unrestricted access for routine maintenance and daily preflight checks. The HypeR also comes with the proven electric trim system and the popular explorer wheels as standard.

The HypeR is mated with the proven GTR 13sqm topless wing which offers unrivalled trim speeds from 48-83kts with complete confidence. The STARS (stability and roll system) provides ease of handling at all speeds and in all conditions. The adjustable radiator cover ensures quick warm up times and total control of temperatures during flight and the large built in LED landing light gives added visibility and safety.

Quik GTR Wing


GTR Explorer Wing (Trim Speed 48 – 83 kts)

The GTR Explorer is P&M’s newest wing.  Built especially for the PulsR, the GTR is a perfect match for long effortless, efficient cross country adventures.  Not easily affected by turbulence, the GTR flies like you are on rails!  Electric pitch control and STARS roll control trim make flying effortless!  The wing can be folded over the aircraft for ease of loading into your cargo trailer for that ultimate motor home adventure!

Roll Trim

In-flight Roll Trim

Efficient roll trim system allows you to do minor roll adjustments in-flight.


STARS Trim System

The GTR and QUIK R wing have a patented roll augmentation system called STARS (stability and roll system).

Flexwings generally have light handling at high speed but become progressively more stable and heavier to maneuver at lower speeds.

The Stars system works with the trimmer so that the more nose-up (slow) trim is applied, the more the STARS system works to increase roll response. If you are interested in more detailed information on how the system is setup and works please read the Tech Topic: How the Electric Trim and STARS system works in our Winter 2015 News Letter
(Page 6). View the 2015 News Letter in PDF

Hype R Chassis


Fiberglass full pod and light weight side skirt

Light weight fiberglass pod and instrument panel. Large fiberglass wheel spats for better tracking at speed. Also included is the easy to remove engine covers and aerodynamic mast cover. Several beautiful colors to choose from with matching wing color combinations.

Hype R Handthrottle

Conveniently located hand throttle

Hand throttle is conveniently located next to the pilot and at easy access for the flight instructor. The hand throttle allows for very fine adjustments in flight speed when cruising at altitude. The foot throttle works in conjunction with the hand throttle.


65 Litre Fuel Tank

The 65 Litre polyethelene fuel tank is conveniently mounted under the seats. Provides easy access to refill and best balance the weight of the fuel. Fuel-flow meter available with the MGL Extreme EMS system.


Cockpit Comfort

The cockpit is spacious and comfortable. Entry and exit is easier than ever, as you can step anywhere without worries. The carbon fiber body will support your weight anywhere you step in the cockpit. The dash is specious allowing ample room for your iPad for navigation. Both seating and foot rests are adjustable to accommodate pilot and passenger comfort. The seating is plush and supportive. Seat restraints are easily adjusted. Flight controls are placed for ease of use and optimal visibility.


Large Touring Windscreen

A two part large touring windscreen is included. Easy to remove with snap-locks also includes a nice padded cover for protection during transport. The windscreen has been designed with edge deflectors to channel the wind efficiently channel the wind stream around the cockpit area to keep pilot and passenger protected from the wind at speed.

Gas Strut Assist

Gas Strut Assist

The Hype R chassis comes standard with a gas strut assist to raise/lower the wing/mast. Also, with the strutted wings you have the option to quickly fold the wing on top of the trike for storage or transport.

Supporting Team

This is just a part of the team that comes “bundled” with your P&M Aircraft

Your aircraft comes “bundled” with a great team of designers, builders, engineers and support. We want to make sure you are safe, and your investment in your aircraft well supported for years to come.

Trike & Engine

Quik R beats the World

GB Team

Team GB

Team GB dominated the World Air Games microlight competition in Dubai, with a clean sweep of the medals. The FAI World Air Games which took place In Dubai 1st – 12th December 2015 used P&M Aviation Quik R flexwing aircraft. David Broom was crowned World Champion, with Paul Dewhurst taking silver, Rees Keene bronze and Mark Fowler fourth place.

The first nine places were all taken by P&M QuikR’s.

A great achievement!

Quik GTR and Quik GT450

To Dauphin Island, Alabama

This was a very fun trip as I joined Gary from Beach Flight Aviation for a flight from Jack Edwards Airport to Dauphin Island and back, in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama.

The weather was spectacular and we were able to do some video with different cameras and camera angles.

The GT450 (Yellow Trike) and GTR (Orange Trike) wings are identical in size, however, the strutted GTR wing is a bit faster as it produces less drag. Using the Electric Trim incorporated in the QUIK chassis, we were able to trim the GTR down in speed slightly so to match that of the GT450, and fly together during the entire flight.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed producing it.

If you want to learn more about Beach Flight Aviation Weight-Shift Flight Instructions and discovery flights in the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast please please visit beachflight.com

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