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More room, more comfort…

Ultimate freedom!

The HypeR is the exciting all new flexwing from P&M Aviation built to give you more room, more comfort and more fun. Designed as the result of extensive market research, the HypeR gives the pilot, passenger or instructor the ultimate freedom to enjoy the skies due to its low drag design, Cantilever sprung undercarriage, and fully adjustable front and rear seating positions making it the perfect flying experience for all shapes and sizes. The quickly removable wrap round windscreen significantly reduces wind buffet for both the pilot and passenger and the all composite body panels ensure loose items are securely contained. An optional BRS parachute fitment is available, allowing a maximum take-off weight of 472.5kg and the 65 litre fuel tank ensures long distance flying without the worry of fuel stops. The large front panel enables you to fit any choice of instruments and the fully adjustable seating and foot rests make the HypeR the perfect choice for all sized pilots and passengers. The huge under seat storage area also makes the HypeR ideal for the long distance adventurer.

The Rotax 912ULS engine is housed underneath a quickly removable cowling allowing unrestricted access for routine maintenance and daily preflight checks. The HypeR also comes with the proven electric trim system and the popular explorer wheels as standard.

The HypeR is mated with the proven GTR 13sqm topless wing which offers unrivalled trim speeds from 48-83kts with complete confidence. The STARS (stability and roll system) provides ease of handling at all speeds and in all conditions. The adjustable radiator cover ensures quick warm up times and total control of temperatures during flight and the large built in LED landing light gives added visibility and safety.