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The world’s fastest flex wing, current world record holder in a straight line. The QuikR is a no nonsense high speed touring aircraft ideal for eating up the miles. With a strut braced 11.43 m2 wing with unique self-rig internal washout rods, the QuikR expands the performance of the original Quik with a hands off trim speed of 48-85kts, depending upon configuration. One look at the wing and you know it has the performance, now fitted with STARS for more precise slow speed handling and roll trim for fine-tunning in flight.

Quik R Wing

Strutted Wing

QUIK R Strutted Wing (cruise 48-87kt)

The P&M QUIK R wing is a joy to fly. There is no other wing that comes close to matching the performance and the speed range of the QUIK R. It is no wonder this Weight-Shift aircraft have won every competition that it has been involved in. Not by just taking first place, but sweeping the podium with all the top places. The pilots flying these hight performance Weight-Shift are some of the best in the world, it’s no little secret why they choose the QUIK R for he task.

The P&M QUIK chassis and 11.43sqm QUIK R wing combination has a STALL speed of only 35kt @ MTOW (33 kt if flying solo) and a climb rate of 1,150 ft/min with a rate of descent of only 500 fpm at MTOW. It provides for short landings and take-off, and yet capable of cruising at 100mph. The 48 – 87 kt speed range is unmatched in the industry, and a Vne of 104kt. If you are going places in a trike, this trike will get you there faster than any other!

The latest model QUIK R wing has incorporates all 3 P&M in-flight trim systems: flight speed electric trim, enhanced roll control STARS trim and roll adjustment trim. The latest QUIK R models also include special vented under-surface that help improve performance at all speed ranges.

The QUIK R wing is easy to break down and setup, but it can also be folded over the trike for easier transportation and storage. This is a well tested and extremely popular wing that is designed and built by one of the top Flex-Wing manufacturer in the world, P&M Aviation LTD, UK.

Folded wing over trike

QUIK R Strutted Wing

Folding the wing over the trike is possible with our strutted wings (QUIK R and GTR). Folding the wing over the trike does not take long and with some practice you may be able to have it done in 10-15min. Basically remove upper and lower center battens, release the tension, and let the wing fold backwards. The wing can also be folded with the wing mast lowered which will greatly reduce overall height for transportation.

Roll Trim

In-flight Roll Trim

Efficient roll trim system allows you to do minor roll adjustments in-flight.


STARS Trim System

The GTR and QUIK R wing have a patented roll augmentation system called STARS (stability and roll system).

Flexwings generally have light handling at high speed but become progressively more stable and heavier to maneuver at lower speeds.

The Stars system works with the trimmer so that the more nose-up (slow) trim is applied, the more the STARS system works to increase roll response. If you are interested in more detailed information on how the system is setup and works please read the Tech Topic: How the Electric Trim and STARS system works in our Winter 2015 News Letter
(Page 6). View the 2015 News Letter in PDF

Quik R Chassis

Fiberglass Pod

Fiberglass full pod and light weight side skirt

Light weight fiberglass pod and instrument panel. Side skirt includes 2 zipper documents pockets. Large fiberglass wheel spats for better tracking at speed. Also included is the easy to remove engine covers and aerodynamic mast cover. Several beautiful colors to choose from with matching wing color combinations.

Explorer Package

Explorer Package standard

The explorer package is standard and includes larger tundra tires and wheel spats as well as improved rear disk brake system and optional front disk brakes. Awesome off-field performance and great looks.

Hand Throttle

Conveniently located hand throttle and choke levers

Hand throttle and choke levers are conveniently located next to the pilot and at easy access for the flight instructor. The hand throttle allows for very fine adjustments in flight speed when cruising at altitude. The foot throttle works in conjunction with the hand throttle. The speed trim button is also located next to the hand throttle for easy one-hand adjustments of cruise speed and trim.

Speed Trim System

Electric Speed-Trim System

Your QUIK chassis comes standard with an electric speed trim system that is compatible with all P&M Aviation wings (QUIK, QUIK R, GT450 and GTR wings). The popular proven electric trim system works very well. It is conveniently located at easy reach and next to the hand throttle control. It allows for complete speed trim range as well as very precise, small speed adjustments. Pull the lever up to slow down, push the lever down to speed up. It is that easy.

17 Gallon Fuel Tank

64 Litres Fuel Tank

The 64 Litres polyethelene fuel tank is conveniently mounted under the seats. Provides easy access to refill and best balance the weight of the fuel. Fuel-flow meter available with the MGL Extreme EMS system.

Quik R Comfortable Seating

Cockpit Comfort

The cockpit is spacious and comfortable. Entry and exit is easier than ever, as you can step anywhere without worries. The carbon fiber body will support your weight anywhere you step in the cockpit. The dash is specious allowing ample room for your iPad for navigation. Both seating and foot rests are adjustable to accommodate pilot and passenger comfort. The seating is plush and supportive. Seat restraints are easily adjusted. Flight controls are placed for ease of use and optimal visibility.

Quik R Touring Windscreen

Large Touring Windscreen

A two part large touring windscreen is included. Easy to remove with snap-locks also includes a nice padded cover for protection during transport. The windscreen has been designed with edge deflectors to channel the wind efficiently channel the wind stream around the cockpit area to keep pilot and passenger protected from the wind at speed.

Gas Strut Assist

Gas Strut Assist

The QUIK chassis comes standard with a gas strut assist to raise/lower the wing/mast. Also, with the strutted wings you have the option to quickly fold the wing on top of the trike for storage or transport.

Flight Instrument Layout

The aircraft comes standard with all analog instruments including ASI, VSI, ALT, Compass, analog engine monitoring, electric trim indicator light, charging system light, on/off key and start button. Optional are Enigma EFIS, Enigma Extreme EMS, Trig in-dash Radio and Transponder, breakers and on/off switches, and more.

Trike Cover

Heavy duty trike/engine/windscreen covers and 3-blade prop covers

Your aircraft includes a heavy duty trike/engine/windscreen cover that protects your investment during storage, transport or from the elements. Also blade covers are included with the standard 3-blade Warp Drive propeller. The covers fit tight around your trike and engine and provides straps and clips to keep it in place. It all folds into a small bag easy to carry with you in longer trips.

Storage Bag

Handy removable storage bag

Your aircraft includes a very handy removable storage bag that clips under the pilot seat. The bag can hold quite a bit and also include two zippered handy pockets.

Supporting Team

This is just a part of the team that comes “bundled” with your P&M Aircraft

Your aircraft comes “bundled” with a great team of designers, builders, engineers and support. We want to make sure you are safe, and your investment in your aircraft well supported for years to come.

Trike & Engine

Quik R beats the World

GB Team

Team GB

Team GB dominated the World Air Games microlight competition in Dubai, with a clean sweep of the medals. The FAI World Air Games which took place In Dubai 1st – 12th December 2015 used P&M Aviation Quik R flexwing aircraft. David Broom was crowned World Champion, with Paul Dewhurst taking silver, Rees Keene bronze and Mark Fowler fourth place.

The first nine places were all taken by P&M QuikR’s.

A great achievement!

Quik GTR and Quik GT450

To Dauphin Island, Alabama

This was a very fun trip as I joined Gary from Beach Flight Aviation for a flight from Jack Edwards Airport to Dauphin Island and back, in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama.

The weather was spectacular and we were able to do some video with different cameras and camera angles.

The GT450 (Yellow Trike) and GTR (Orange Trike) wings are identical in size, however, the strutted GTR wing is a bit faster as it produces less drag. Using the Electric Trim incorporated in the QUIK chassis, we were able to trim the GTR down in speed slightly so to match that of the GT450, and fly together during the entire flight.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed producing it.

If you want to learn more about Beach Flight Aviation Weight-Shift Flight Instructions and discovery flights in the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast please please visit beachflight.com

Quik R Brochure

Quik R Brochure