What’s happening in the P&M Aviation Factory…

Here you can see our graduate CAD engineer Hunny Mahal working on Solidworks, (unbelievably he tells me his brother, also an engineer, works for BMW,  is called Sunny)  note the distance from design to production is 3 paces, so if we get a problem we can look at it and sort it – we don’t have production thousands of miles away! The doorway view is from our design office.

Also Paul Norman trimming up the red metalflake mouldings he has produced for QuikR 8772 Stuart Riddell, the chassis is mostly complete.

So far we believe we have produced something like 12,000 mouldings from our composites facility. Note also we do our own mouldings to get the design and quality required, we don’t use a garage door moulding shop.

The first 4 PulsR’s were also produced here, once the construction was proven and all drawn up, we now use a subcontractor 10 miles away who specialises in vacuum infusion technology, as polyester fairings production and structural carbon/epoxy processes are rather different.